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Words from past Yoga Sanjay Retreat Participants

“I couldn’t believe how liberating and free I felt.” Anonymous

“Beautiful setting and divine views.” Anonymous

“The food was so delicious, warm and nourishing. Every meal felt like a plate of love.” Anonymous

“My Amarant Yoga Retreat with Sanjay was my first retreat experience ever. The yoga retreat was extremely well organised and encapsulated everything you would expect of a Yogic Experience. Being of a novice level at no time did I feel either hindered or a hindrance. Sanjay is so knowledgeable with the practices of meditation, the postures and especially the gentle guiding of your own spirit to a greater inner understanding. The accommodation was very comfortable and the ayurvedic food delicious. Any retreat with Sanjay is a gift of love to yourself.”  Vivienne

“Sanjay is that rare breed of teacher who combines intelligent, focused instruction with an innate intuitive ability to read his students accurately both on a mental and physical level. Consequently students at all levels, under his subtle, precise direction, feel inspired, encouraged and confident enough to explore and extend their own potential as far as they want to go. His adjustments during asanas, his technical skill and depth of knowledge on all matters yogic are exceptional. His professionalism, integrity and passionate, holistic commitment to yoga ensure his retreats are brilliantly balanced, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable.”  Janie

“I particularly enjoyed Sanjay’s “encyclopaedic” yoga knowledge, clearly gleaned from many years of practical worldwide experience. My first yoga retreat was after having done yoga for several years, but prior yoga experience is not really important to the main focus which is bringing unity between the mind and body. I loved the Ayurvedic food, the different types of yoga practice, as well as the quiet contemplative times in the Australian bush. Sanjay’s unique approach to yoga practice and lovely sense of dedication and humour was well appreciated by all the participants.”  Nathalie

“Sensational views, comfy beds, perfect fires going 24/7 and plenty of space to explore on your own.” Anonymous

“I need the recipes!!! The food was very satisfying and extremely tasty. Certainly made with love.” Anonymous

“The silence is what made the retreat such an amazing, profound experience. It gave space for the meditation and yoga to work their magic.” Anonymous

“I enjoyed my yoga retreat experience, the yoga, food and peaceful surroundings were sensational. I felt rejuvenated and enjoyed the balance of Ashtanga and the restorative yoga. More restorative yoga would be even better! I also loved the chanting, philosophy and relaxing with the other retreat-goers.”  Shannon

“Sanjay’s retreat was an incredibly beautiful experience. The surroundings, experience, connections, food and learnings were cathartic and for many of us …profound.” Georgia

“Before attending this retreat I was really worried about whether I actually could remain silent for two days… however the profound peace that I discovered will bring me back to do this every year. It is such a deeply rejuvenating experience. Thanks Sanjay.” Kate

“It was my first time in silence and I thoroughly enjoyed and felt extremely safe to experience my internal space.” Anonymous

“Well worth participating. The silence makes for a unique experience and aids reflection in a beautiful location.” Karen

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