Yoga Retreats – Yarra Valley and Beyond, with Sanjay

yoga retreats

Going on a yoga retreat is a wonderful way to dive deeper into your practice, nourish your soul and discover more amazing parts of yourself!

Yoga Retreats with Sanjay have:

•  intelligent, focused instruction in traditional forms of yoga, meditation, healing and more;

•  is peaceful, in beautiful surroundings for inner reflection;

•  includes delicious meals and luxurious accommodation;

•  total nourishment for your body, mind and soul.

yoga retreats

A Positive Mind

Retreat time allows us to put into practice the teachings we have received from our teachers. It provides some quiet, peaceful time for ourselves, without distractions.

Without retreat, without being alone, the mind is like muddy water.

But the mind in retreat, being alone and free of outside distractions, is like a calm, crystal-clear lake. In this environment there is the clarity to help see oneself more clearly and to see one’s own inner nature more easily.

yoga retreat

Connected with Nature

When on a yoga retreat you leave behind the hustle and bustle of home life, opening the door to explore new parts of your being. It is very common to experience deep relaxation and an opening in the heart. This brings forth the seed of loving kindness and compassion which we can then share with all other beings.

yoga retreat

Yoga Retreats Victoria and Beyond are scheduled throughout the year for a single day, 2 night weekend and longer. yoga retreats australia

yoga retreat