Sanjay - Your Teacher on Retreat

Sanjay - Yoga Sanjay Retreats
Sanjay has been teaching since 2003 in Australia, Canada, Nepal, India and the UK. He began his spiritual journey at the age of 15 when he started practicing the healing art of Reiki and meditation. He began leading retreats in 2007 and loves every minute of them.

“Yoga Retreats are a wonderful way to dive deeper into your practice, to find something more within yourself. It is during a yoga retreat that I feel I can connect with students the most, and really share with them a part of my true Self”. Sanjay

Sanjay has a strong background in Ashtanga Yoga and has spent time studying and practicing in Mysore, India. He also travels frequently to Nepal to study and practice at Kopan Monastery in the Kathmandu valley.

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Jannin - Your Beautiful Chef

Jannin - Chef at Yoga Sanjay Retreats

Jannin founded ‘Happy Being – Yoga For Wellbeing’ in Melbourne in 2002 and has been a student of Sanjay’s since 2006. Originally from Sri Lanka this divine cooking goddess knows exactly how to get your taste buds going!

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